The experience of using Collamask

This story of reincarnation we shared Josefine from the city of Aalborg (Denmark). Woman tells how after a rapid slimming of the skin of the face is deteriorated, and the mask Collamask was able to return it to its former beauty and youth.

I always look good, and especially not thought that this will not always be. Many of my girlfriends have asked me how I manage to maintain youth of the skin of the face, neck and neckline, but I had never thought that behind all of this, does it take care of it. Leather has always been an elastic, напитанной and smooth. But what happened to him after my fast slimming, threw me in a state of shock.

As the excess weight and fast weight loss became the cause of the deterioration of my skin

In general, when I got pregnant, took 18 kilos. The excess weight made me afraid, because it seemed to me that I'm not inclined to fullness. I was sure that everything earned will remain in the hospital. However, it is not proven, as I thought. Living with excess weight, I was not going to, therefore, decided to stop breastfeeding and of the urgency of their forms. Progressive competent to thinness was not for me, because I have urgently to the season of the beach and was in need of shine in a swimsuit. In general, I'm sitting on a strict diet and has become a pace the training sessions.

These barbaric methods have yielded the result: the body is quickly become in form, and of the fat has melted on the eyes. However, the skin on the face I the open mouth, the contours of the steel is not clear, the nasogenial folds were very pronounced, appeared the wrinkles of expression. Looking in the mirror, I have the beginning of the crisis of the nerves. The husband argued, as could girlfriend were convinced that with time everything will get better, advised to drink more water and not getting upset for nothing. Of course, I tried to believe the best, but at the same time saved money on a facelift.

Mask for the face Collamask – salvation for those women with wrinkles and sagging of the skin

Passed another year, and I understood that the queue no longer has any meaning. Went to a plastic surgeon, who is almost me has laughed in the face and sent him on board of a beautician. The specialist examined me and suggested to use the cream Collamaskperform special exercises and less of letting the emotions be reflected on the face. I am all that has been is not agree on these recommendations, has called for injections of beauty, chemical peels and aggressive of the procedure, but the beautician offered me all the same, do not rush and give themselves the chance Collamaskand in a month, if the result does not satisfy me, make rejuvenation treatments.

Beautician, therefore, assured me that many of his clients are satisfied with this cream, which I accepted. Came home is not very happy, but the cream is immediately worn. When even after one application, I noticed a change in me as if wings have grown on his shoulders. In general, at the end of the month, I was delighted, and his face became more youthful, the oval of the face became clear, the wrinkles disappeared, the skin became more smooth, shiny and elastic. I regretted that the year of waiting if I arrived at the technician before, he did not lose himself in vain so much time and nerve cells.

The experience of the use of a mask for the face Collamask

A friend just interruption of the steel to learn that for the procedure, I do it. First of all, they didn't believe in this incredible the simple effect of the cream, but then decided to buy it and of yourself. Now, all of to the house there is Collamask. In a beauty salon, I still came, but not to proceed to any cardinals or procedures, and to the thank to a specialist for an excellent recipe of rejuvenation and the motivation to not to do unnecessary operations. Now, I am happy to look myself in the mirror and I would recommend to all women miracle cream Collamask.